Welcome to the Pax Night Below Campaign. I’ll try to keep anything a player might need for the game updated here.

17th Bloom (Late Spring), 1301 WR

In the small port city of Rordensport, the sky is overcast. The harbor traffic has been light over the winter and is just now starting to pick up with the approach of summer. A recent ship from Mer Calival has brought the first real trade goods of the year, and a merchant with ties to the local Guild of Arcanists is seeking couriers who can deliver several parcels to a guild member living in Haranshire, some 100 miles to the northeast of the city, well off the beaten path through territory that has seen few caravans or patrols since last autumn. The pay seems promising, and the merchant is well respected for ensuring that his couriers are well taken care of. For one reason or another, each of you has found yourselves in need of some quick coin, and on the way to the Guildhall to meet your employer.

Pax Night Below

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