Pax Night Below

Session 13

The Grell Nest

7th Ascension 1301 WR

Heeding the gnomish advice, and making a quick trip to sell off their loot, the party headed for the long path towards the City of the Glass Pool. Braving a harsh razor rock filled series of passages, they made their way into a nest of Grell. The Grell colony defended their home with ferocious vigor, their innate flight, paralysis, and lightning lances inflicting a heavy toll on the party as they advanced into the cave. The party encountered numerous strange occurences in the cave, including a strange necromantic amulet around the throat of a dead drow. During a battle with a Grell Philosopher deep within the colony, Aryk was struck down and devoured. After avenging him, the party took his remains back to Camerenen, who restored the fallen Aryk to life.

20th Ascension 1301 WR



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