Pax Night Below

Session 14

Grasping Tendrils

20th Ascension 1301 WR

Returning to the Grell Nest with the restored Aryk, the party savagely hacked down the remaining Grell, although a particularly ancient Grell unleashed a number of powerful magics. The source was then revealed to be a powerful flux point, a source of powerful Underdark energy. Grend, using the flux stone previously found, was able to attune himself to the ley line, gaining powerful abilities of translocation. Continuing through the cavern, the party encountered and slew a foul Deepspawn, claiming treasure and evidence of a previous adventuring party that had passed through the area. They also encountered rumors of a powerful sword somewhere in the area. Returning the surface, the party spent some of their wealth and picked up the disturbing news of the disappearance of Nightfather Kellarn to the sinister reaches of whoever is working below Haranshire. Faced with the loss of a major political figure and magical power in the surface world, the party delves back into the Underdark, seeking a safe and quick path to the City of the Glass Pool…

8th Goldenfields (Early Autumn) 1301 WR



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