Pax Night Below

Session 15

Monsters at War

8th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Returning to the Underdark with a new sense of urgency, the party struck out along the Long Path, seeking a way to bypass the rumored Temple of Jubilex. With knowledge of feral quaggoths in the area, the party was able to successfully parley with the ursine creatures for safe shelter and information. The quaggoths were able to provide some information about the area, including the presence of a mysterious force they call the “Stonewalkers” who move through the region. These Stonewalkers appear to be benevolent, and word of their magic seemed to provide a clue for how the party might escape the dreaded Temple. Unfortunately, the quaggoths were themselves beset by a clan of vicious hook horrors. A tremendous battle was fought in the passages of the Quaggoth Cavern, and although the party was victorious, they are badly bloodied and still in danger from the vicious monsters warring in the depths…

14th Goldenfields 1301 WR



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