Pax Night Below

Session 16

The Rakshasa and the Relic

14th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Smashing their way past the last of the hook horrors infesting the quaggoth caves, the party came upon what appeared to be a young woman in distress. However, much to their surprise and horror, the creature was revealed to be a vile rakshasa – a material demon of excess and power, who easily overcame the party’s remaining resources, forcing them to flee via the flux stone before they suffered a complete loss. Quickly recuperating and regaining their strength, the party teleported back into the fray, engaging the rakshasa as it attempted to flee and putting an end to the evil creature. Amongst the treasure the party then located an artifact of the great power, the sword Finslayer, an intelligent item crafted to overcome the aboleth in a forgotten age. With the aid of the sword’s memories the party learned the true nature of the Stonewalkers – the Rockseer Elves, a secretive group of elves devoted to the Power of Earth. Now the party enters the caverns once inhabited by these mysterious beings, in hopes of finding allies and aid in assaulting the City of the Glass Pool…

16th Goldenfields 1301 WR



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