Pax Night Below

Session 18

Scales Before the Elves

19th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Moving swiftly through the tunnel system toward the lair of the Behir, the party took the element of surprise and quickly overwhelmed the scaly creature, slaying it and looting it’s lair. Continuing deeper however, the party had the misfortune of falling afoul of the shadow dragon Fandruzsh, who quickly incapacitated Grend before descending to rip the rest of the party apart. After a ferocious battle against the huge wyrm, the party managed to slay it and thus gained access to the dragon’s immense hoard of treasure. Continuing toward the source of the odd magic sensed by Camerenen and her gnomes, the party found themselves trapped in a dead end when Kethtril was kidnapped. After a few hours of negotiation, the rest of the party was brought through to meet the mysterious Rockseer Elves. Although the elves are highly isolationist and turned the party away, a young Rockseer named Aljayera escorted the party deeper into the Underdark, with a request that they recover a sapphire dragonet lost by the Rockseers long, long ago. Pressing forward on their own toward the outskirts of the City of the Glass Pool, the party defeated a group of black clad adventurers, taking one prisoner…

23rd Goldenfields 1301 WR



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