Pax Night Below

Session 19

Secrets of the Rockseers

23rd Goldenfields 1301 WR

After questioning and then executing the captured Slaver, the party moved deeper into the outer tunnels of the City of the Glass Pool. After stumbling into a Derro Warren, the party rapidly dispatched the protectors and engaged in a fierce battle with the Savants in a Flux Cavern. The Savants fought to the death, at which point the party briefly halted to bind up their wounds, only to then determine that the remaining Derro had committed suicide rather than face capture. Also present was the Sapphire Dragonet sought by the Rockseer Elves, which imparted a hazy memory of the past to Grend, of wars long ago fought, and oaths of the moment broken by fear and doubt. Now the party stands face to face with Darafayen, the leader of the Rockseers, with many questions yet unanswered about the evil growing in the depths of the world…

24th Goldenfields 1301 WR



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