Pax Night Below

Session 20

The Mindtakers

24th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Returning to Darafayen, the party handed over the Sapphire Dragonet, discussing the revelation that the Rockseers have cheated death. Despite unsure feelings about this knowledge, the party were awarded with powerful Elven Cloaks by the Rockseers as well as promise of aid when needed. Heading back toward the main path, the party encountered a second group of Derro. Following them to their lair, the party fell afoul of the cunning defenses of the Servitor Derro. In a ferocious battle, with Derro pouring from the very walls, Kethril was slain by a blast of frost. Returning to the Svirfneblin, resurrection proved useless to return Kethtril to life, and, mourning their loss, the party settled down to plan their next move…

27th Goldenfields 1301 WR



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