Pax Night Below

Session 21

Warrens of the Servitors

27th Goldenfields 1301 WR

While mourning Kethtril in the company of the Svirfneblin, a traveler from the surface arrives in the Underdark. Reorf Shimmerblade, a priest of Solan, has been sent by the Matria of his church to seek the missing Nightfather. Assembling once again, the party teleported back to face the foul Derro servants of the Mindtakers. This time however, Aryk chose a different path, forging on himself, until he was met by a single Rockseer Elf. Steeling himself, he was guided back to the party, and together, they overran the outer Derro defenses and freed numerous slaves, returning them to the Svirfneblin. However, before they could finish off the Derro threat, the party encountered their most dangerous foe yet, a sinister Illithid. Fleeing in disarray before the tremendous power of the creature, the party has regrouped once again, as the threat of the City of Glass Pool looms ever larger…

28th Goldenfields 1301 WR



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