Pax Night Below

Session 22


28th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Rearmed, and determined to renew their assault on the menace in the Underdark, the party returned to find the Derro Warrens abandoned, and pressed forward. By cunning and skill, the party located a hidden tunnel, leading to a fast flowing underground river. This river, feeding into the great stone pipes of the City of the Glass Pool itself, led the party to a secret door, hidden in the cavern wall above the city itself. From here, the party was able to map and plan their first attack. In a daring move, they struck first at the head. Descending onto the fortress like palace from above, they quickly overpowered the royal guard, and came face to face with Bugoorgoop, Priest-King of the Glass Pool, and Ilzendren, his illithid “advisor”. In a titanic battle against the mind flayer and the chosen of Blibdoolpoolp, the party emerged victorious, cutting down the King, and departing the city laden with treasure. Now the party must decide their next move in the ongoing siege of the City of the Glass Pool…

4th Reaping 1301 WR



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