Pax Night Below

Session 2
Mired in Mystery

1st Highsun 1301 WR

Consulting with a retired miner named Old Grizzler and the wealthiest man in Milborne, Darius Carman, the party ventured south to Harlaton and the New Mire, following the trail of a missing diviner and a retired mine foreman. Finding both dead, the party met and interrogated a group of blue painted goblins attempting to steal food from the dead man’s barn. The goblins led them to their shaman, who proved to have a malfunctioning ring of control water and a story about a fishy man in black who had tried to coerce his tribe into capturing “robe-wearers”. The goblin further said that the bandits could be found in Old Spire Keep, an ancient home of the Parlfray family, now considered cursed. After returning and speaking with the Ranger Shirazz, they learned of a rogue water elemental in the Eelhold and the location of the Keep. Shirazz departed to speak with the goblins himself, while the party return to Milborne to form a plan. However, after arriving, they learned that Father Semheis of the local church had just been abducted – and now they’re racing into the night on a daring rescue toward the abandoned Garlstone Mine.

Evening of 2nd Highsun, 1301 WR

Session 1
Rumors and Portents

17th Bloom (Late Spring), 1301 WR

In the small port city of Rordensport, the sky is overcast. The harbor traffic has been light over the winter and is just now starting to pick up with the approach of summer. A recent ship from Mer Calival has brought the first real trade goods of the year, and a merchant with ties to the local Guild of Arcanists is seeking couriers who can deliver several parcels to a guild member living in Haranshire, some 100 miles to the northeast of the city, well off the beaten path through territory that has seen few caravans or patrols since last autumn. The pay seems promising, and the merchant is well respected for ensuring that his couriers are well taken care of. For one reason or another, each of you has found yourselves in need of some quick coin, and on the way to the Guildhall to meet your employer.

After being attacked by bandits on the road, the party learn of numerous disappearances of a broad range of magic using folk, including Jelenneth, a local wizard’s apprentice, throughout Haranshire. After delivering their cargo to the mage Tauster, the party visited the local noble, Count Parlfray, and met a local ranger and druid, Kuiper and Oleanne who are also investigating the disappearances. After dispatching a group of orcs with a distinctive broken skull shield, the party made their way to the Carman mines. Hearing stories of men in black moving about Haranshire, and finding evidence of orcish infighting in the nearby Great Rock Dale, the party has returned to Milborne to consult a retired prospector, Old Grizzler.

1st Highsun 1301 WR

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