Pax Night Below

Session 16
The Rakshasa and the Relic

14th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Smashing their way past the last of the hook horrors infesting the quaggoth caves, the party came upon what appeared to be a young woman in distress. However, much to their surprise and horror, the creature was revealed to be a vile rakshasa – a material demon of excess and power, who easily overcame the party’s remaining resources, forcing them to flee via the flux stone before they suffered a complete loss. Quickly recuperating and regaining their strength, the party teleported back into the fray, engaging the rakshasa as it attempted to flee and putting an end to the evil creature. Amongst the treasure the party then located an artifact of the great power, the sword Finslayer, an intelligent item crafted to overcome the aboleth in a forgotten age. With the aid of the sword’s memories the party learned the true nature of the Stonewalkers – the Rockseer Elves, a secretive group of elves devoted to the Power of Earth. Now the party enters the caverns once inhabited by these mysterious beings, in hopes of finding allies and aid in assaulting the City of the Glass Pool…

16th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Session 15
Monsters at War

8th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Returning to the Underdark with a new sense of urgency, the party struck out along the Long Path, seeking a way to bypass the rumored Temple of Jubilex. With knowledge of feral quaggoths in the area, the party was able to successfully parley with the ursine creatures for safe shelter and information. The quaggoths were able to provide some information about the area, including the presence of a mysterious force they call the “Stonewalkers” who move through the region. These Stonewalkers appear to be benevolent, and word of their magic seemed to provide a clue for how the party might escape the dreaded Temple. Unfortunately, the quaggoths were themselves beset by a clan of vicious hook horrors. A tremendous battle was fought in the passages of the Quaggoth Cavern, and although the party was victorious, they are badly bloodied and still in danger from the vicious monsters warring in the depths…

14th Goldenfields 1301 WR

Session 14
Grasping Tendrils

20th Ascension 1301 WR

Returning to the Grell Nest with the restored Aryk, the party savagely hacked down the remaining Grell, although a particularly ancient Grell unleashed a number of powerful magics. The source was then revealed to be a powerful flux point, a source of powerful Underdark energy. Grend, using the flux stone previously found, was able to attune himself to the ley line, gaining powerful abilities of translocation. Continuing through the cavern, the party encountered and slew a foul Deepspawn, claiming treasure and evidence of a previous adventuring party that had passed through the area. They also encountered rumors of a powerful sword somewhere in the area. Returning the surface, the party spent some of their wealth and picked up the disturbing news of the disappearance of Nightfather Kellarn to the sinister reaches of whoever is working below Haranshire. Faced with the loss of a major political figure and magical power in the surface world, the party delves back into the Underdark, seeking a safe and quick path to the City of the Glass Pool…

8th Goldenfields (Early Autumn) 1301 WR

Session 13
The Grell Nest

7th Ascension 1301 WR

Heeding the gnomish advice, and making a quick trip to sell off their loot, the party headed for the long path towards the City of the Glass Pool. Braving a harsh razor rock filled series of passages, they made their way into a nest of Grell. The Grell colony defended their home with ferocious vigor, their innate flight, paralysis, and lightning lances inflicting a heavy toll on the party as they advanced into the cave. The party encountered numerous strange occurences in the cave, including a strange necromantic amulet around the throat of a dead drow. During a battle with a Grell Philosopher deep within the colony, Aryk was struck down and devoured. After avenging him, the party took his remains back to Camerenen, who restored the fallen Aryk to life.

20th Ascension 1301 WR

Session 12
Perils of the Underdark

4th Ascension 1301 WR

Wasting no time after their victory over the Topknots, the party faced off against the Slaverer trolls in the second section of the caves. After a breakdown of negotiations for the trolls to leave the Svirfneblin alone, the party faced off against and defeated the diseased and cursed trolls in a brief but bloody battle. With the trolls defeated, exploration revealed lost gnomish treasures, and a dark secret, now buried forever. Returning the gnomish relics to Camerenen, the gnomes embraced the party as heroes and gave them advice and assistance in their future quest. The gnomes have much knowledge of the Underdark tunnels leading up to the City of the Glass Pool, where the surface captives are taken. Now the party is faced with a choice – confront the Great Reptiles guarding a secret magic – something the Svirfneblin have urged them to reconsider, or take the Long Path. Either way, the party knows they will soon face the myriad and deadly Perils of the Underdark…

8th Ascension 1301 WR

Session 11
Topknot Trolls

2nd Ascension 1301 WR

Completing their preparations, the party descended back into the Underdark to fulfill the Svirfneblin’s request. Making their way with the aid of a gnomish scout, they entered the troll cave, battling their way through a clan of trolls before coming face to face with the two headed leader of the group. After a ferocious battle, the party emerged victorious, but the presence of an additional, seemingly separate clan means that the threat of the trolls may not be finished just yet.

4th Ascension 1301 WR

Session 10
Into the Darkness

27th Highsun 1301 WR

After gathering themselves, the party confronted the vicious orc chieftain Ogruk Bloodfeaster and defeated him in a titanic battle. Pressing on into the Underdark, they encountered Camerenen, a svirfneblin, who warned them of the dangers lurking in the shadows below the world. Resting for a short time in the gnomish settlement, the party learned of a group of monstrous trolls living nearby. If the trolls could be defeated, the gnomes might see their way to aiding our heroes in further explorations of the Underdark. However, first the party travelled back to Milborne, bringing word of their victory over the slavers, and staying for a long period, training and preparing to face…the Perils of the Underdark.

2nd Ascension 1301 WR

Session 9
The Orcs Below the World

22nd Highsun, 1301 WR.

Returning from the Shrieken Mire, the party spent some time preparing themselves for their journey after the orcs raiding and kidnapping throughout Haranshire. Finding themselves in possession of a dwarven tunnel map, the party made their way into the Upper Underdark, following the path of the orc raiders and a mysterious stranger pursuing them. Arriving at the orc cavern and unsealing a great set of doors with keys looted from the Cultists of Orcus, the party made their way cautiously inside. A mighty battle raged throughout the caverns, but at last the party stands at the brink of finding the orc chieftain responsible for shipping slaves into the Underdark…

27th Highsun, 1301 WR.

Session 8
Queen of the Mire

Continuing to explore Broken Spire Keep, the party encountered an imprisoned bard named Earvym. After freeing him, and suitably impressed by his status as an accredited bard from the Queen of Hnugugugug and the Baron of Kofkofmmnmnm, they accepted him into their group. After returning to Milborne and handing over their prisoner, they spent some time fashioning supplies and then travelled to Thurmaster to enlist Tauster’s aid in a scrying. Scrying for the lost apprentice Jelenneth, Kethtril was able to realize she was being taken into the Underdark by an illithid. Rather than face such a fearsome foe, the party journeyed into the Shrieken Mire to hunt fomorian giants, but found instead a group of lizardfolk worshipping a green dragon named Inzeldrin. In return for stories and songs, Inzeldrin aided the party in defeating the giants, and then gave the party a piece of information. Neither the orcs, nor the illithids are the true threat…

22nd Highsun 1301 WR

Session 7
Broken Spire Keep

16th Highsun 1301 WR

Faced with the daunting prospect of a direct assault on the bandit stronghold of Broken Spire Keep, the party spent some time scouting and devising a plan. After slipping unnoticed over the wall and into an old lumber storeroom, the party located a trapdoor leading into the catacombs under the Keep itself. Creeping slowly along, being sure to not alert any guards, the party found a desecrated shrine, now dedicated to Orcus. Defeating the zombie guards and moving swiftly, the party engaged in a brutal battle with Ranchefus, Priest of Orcus, his undead minions, and an emissary of the Bloodskull Orcs to whom he had allied himself. After defeating the forces of evil and driving away the remaining bandits, the party briefly interrogated Heydrus, a young thief. Heydrus informed the party that captives went into and orders came from a secret tunnel located in Ranchefus’ lair. A secret tunnel leading into the dreaded Underdark…


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